Materia is one of the most important emerging offices in Mexico and Latin America. Their work is defined by a detailed oriented design process in order to create contemporary language for each project based on the context analysis and the needs of each client. A keen interest of Materia is the creation of spatial episodes to provide perceptual experiences and constant change regardless of the architectural typology of the project.

Throughout its career, Materia has become a workshop that emphasizes the detailed development of each project. The methodology of our creative process considers the contextual elements of the site, the client and the specific requirements of each project as a reference for design. Concepts such as mass, light and contrast are fundamental precepts in understanding and designing spaces.

Since its founding, the firm has completed different typologies: residential, commercial and interiors. The architectural expression is reflected in the vivid experience of place through materiality and detailed construction. Apart from formalist trends, we create a unique and contemporary language for each project.