CVA House

CVA house was conceived as a series of spatial episodes according to the everyday rituals of its inhabitants. The house is organized in an L shape around a patio. In the lower level, all spaces were designed using the least amount of walls thus providing a direct physical and visual relationship with the patio.

Materials were used to express their natural character using patterns and locating to create contrast with their textures and surfaces. 
The artisan brick creates a set of light organic weaving that creates original light effects drawing on the interplay of shadows and lights, that moves throughout the day. 

The brick walls related to the private spaces of the house are only penetrated by concrete extruded volumes that generate the windows overlooking green areas around the house. 

The main structural elements of the house are made of exposed concrete, that act as an independent floated volumes that also modulate the sequential changes in the house, like the stairs and the entrance hall.