Sao Paio House

Quinta São Paio is located in Cabeçudos, near the city of Famaliçao. The structure dates from the 18th century and its original purpose was the production of wine and cattle care.

The house deals with a 300yr. old structure that had to be mostly kept in its original state using the same materials to re-build the weakened structural elements.

The design used local materials with a contemporary expression and a craftsmanship character. The public area of the house is shrouded by a double height wooden roof. The roof acts as an integrator of the spaces bellow providing a sense of continuation. Small volumes containing support functions such as the kitchen, bathroom, and gym were located beneath the roof. The voids between these volumes are living areas and studios. The design of joints and transitions between materials emphasize their properties and textures. The new elements are placed away from the original walls generating a symbiosis of new and old.