Architects : Gustavo Carmona + Lisa Beltrán

Location : Cancún, Quintana Roo

Project : 2013

Construction : 2014-2015

Area : 11,000 m2

Collaboration : Rubén Engambira, Carlos Larios, Ingrid González, Román Cervantes, Angeles Torti

This project responds to a growing need for quality living aimed to decrease the number of abandoned and homeless children in the Yucatan Peninsula. Funded by Fundación Palace, the project will offer room and recreation amid an atmosphere created to promote sense of belonging, learning and social integration. The master plan is based on the idea of a town and the relationship among all of its components within a sense of “open plan” spanning the whole site. Thus, the common spaces become the heart of the project creating a deep sense of family and community and integrating seamlessly with landscape and weather. Prefabricated concrete panels will be used to create the skin of the villas and provide shading and ventilation.