Architects : Gustavo Carmona + Lisa Beltrán

Location : Veracruz.

Project : 2012

Construction: 2013

Area : 3,500 m2

Collaboration : Hugo Blancas, Rubén Engambira, Gustavo Xoxotla, Daniela Vidal, Víctor Rivera.

The general layout for this office building in Veracruz was defined by a functional and rational scheme. A strategy was developed to maximize parking area, circulation, and office spaces efficiently due to the site´s limited dimensions.

Located on a busy avenue, the façade becomes a significant element. Its design and materiality allow the interior space to be illuminated with different natural light intensities and shadows that vary throughout the day while acting as a thermal barrier.

Built with new low cost materials and through an elaborated design, the façade´s pattern will be featured as an anchor along the street frontage.